Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Does Mike Huckabee support Austrian economics?

You may jump to say no, but perhaps things aren't as simple as saying that by way of no amount of rose colored tint could anyone possibly consider Mike Huckabee, candidate for President of the united States, a supporter of Austrian economics.

I'll offer one reason in favor of that premise. Mike Huckabee's campaign advertises on lewrockwell.com (famous for it's columns expounding Austrian economics). Hard to believe? It is true. I was reading Laurence M. Vance article recounting his attempts to contact his congressman regarding the Fair Tax and the rather formulaic responses he has received.

I'll admit that Mike Huckabee probably isn't an advocate of Austrian economics, but he is a supporter nonetheless (via his advertising). One more example of the law of unintended consequences.

For a real supporter of Austrian economics, I'll likely stick with supporting Ron Paul.

BTW, There is no such thing as a fair tax.

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